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Ant gets a thumbs up from Dec over dinner disaster

Declan Donnelly gave Ant McPartlin a thumbs up tonight as he made fun of his presenting partner's mishap in the kitchen.

Ant McPartlin takes offence to Declan Donnelly's thumbs up at the start of the show. Credit: ITV/Saturday Night Takeway

During the first show of the new series of Saturday Night Takeaway, Donnelly put his thumbs up as he said, "Yeah we're happy to be back! Is everybody happy?"

McPartlin jokingly took offence, asking the audience, "A thumbs up? That's in bad taste like isn't it?" before showing his bandaged thumb.

Ant McPartlin shows off his injury to the audience as Declan Donnelly explains all. Credit: ITV/Saturday Night Takeway

As Dec explained Ant "accidentally cut off a bit of his thumb", he corrected him saying, "Most of it actually", adding, "I was very brave!"

Ant told the audience the injury has "completely turned my life upside down". "There are so many things I can no longer do ... like hitchhiking, I can't do that".

Ant McPartlin shows Declan Donnelly he will never hitchhike again/. Credit: ITV/Saturday Night Takeway

As Dec highlighted he has never been hitchhiking, Ant said, "And now I never will".

After jokingly asking Dec to nominate him for a Pride of Britain award as "you can't nominate yourself", his partner offered him some advice.

The Saturday Night takeaway audience show they are behind Ant McPartlin. Credit: ITV/Saturday Night Takeway

"Just remember everybody is on your side, I'm on your side, all the crew there are on your side, the whole audience, you're on his side, you're behind him aren't you?" Dec asked as ... they showed him their giant foam thumbs up.

"Put them down", Ant said before laughing.