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Who is Vincent Nichols?

Archbishop Vincent Nichols is a lifelong Liverpool FC supporter Photo: PA

Last week he made headlines for slamming the Government's austerity measures as a "disgrace". Today Archbishop Vincent Nichols will be elevated to the second highest office in the church by Pope Francis. So, who exactly is he?

  • He was born in Crosby, Merseyside, in 1945 to teacher parents
  • As a youngster he wanted to become a lorry driver
  • He is a life-long Liverpool FC fan - and will be ordained in red, his team's colour
  • He said in 2007 that his calling to the priesthood stuck during a football match
More than 2,000 people attended a Mass in London to mark his installation as 11th Archbishop of Westminster. Credit: PA
  • In 1992 he became the youngest bishop, at the age of 46
  • His graduation to Westminster nine years later is rumoured to have been at the personal request of Pope Benedict XV
  • He is a vocal opponent of gay marriage, saying "I think the process is shambolic."
  • He is the 11th Archbishop of Westminster to be named cardinal