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Cheeky monkey steals camera to take a series of selfies

A cheeky monkey gave a Brazilian tourist a shock when it stole his video camera to take a series of selfies.

Ailton Schoemberger, from Curitiba in Brazil, was visiting the Uluwatu Temple in Bali when he decided to film himself feeding the monkeys.

Schoemberger was filming himself feeding monkeys at the temple. Credit: Ailton Schoemberger

However, one mischievous monkey grabbed his camera before running off with it into the forest.

All of a sudden, a cheeky monkey stole his camera. Credit: Ailton Schoemberger

The owner can be heard on the video shouting "yo, yo monkey, no, no, no" as people laugh in the background.

The clip has been watched nearly 100,000 times since it was posted on YouTube on January 22.

The monkey took a series of selfies before the tourist got his camera back. Credit: Ailton Schoemberger

The monkey only let go of the camera after a member of the temple's staff gave it a piece of fruit.