Boris Johnson fails to rule himself out of Commons return

Talk of Boris Johnson's return to Parliament was sparked by two separate newspaper reports over the weekend. Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

If you listen to the conversation Boris Johnson had on LBC Radio this morning you will note that he has not ruled himself out as a candidate for MP in 2015.

He did rule out contesting a Parliamentary seat before 2015.

He also confirmed that he would remain as London Mayor until his term ends in 2016.

But that does not preclude him from an attempt to re-enter the House of Commons at the 2015 General Election.

George Osborne was reported to have delivered a message to Boris Johnson to run for a Commons seat in 2015. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

If he were to be successful (and it's likely he would be reserved a reasonably safe Conservative seat) then Boris would be entitled to finish his term as London Mayor while simultaneously being a Member of Parliament.

It follows a weekend in which two newspapers claimed Mr Johnson had argued with the Chancellor George Osborne about his return to the Commons.

It was claimed the Chancellor had asked the London Mayor to stand in 2015 in order to "tie him in" to David Cameron's electoral success.

The Mayor's people dispute that such a formal offer was made but insist relations with George Osborne are still good.

Those aides also say that Boris plans to play a full part in the Conservative campaign irrespective of his decision to stand in that election.

Tory election coordinators will find it hard to refuse to use Boris - who they admit can reach parts of the electorate other Conservative leaders cannot reach.