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Bullish Salmond says he is not prepared for a 'No' vote

Alex Salmond told ITV News' Martin Geissler that he has not prepared for a 'No' vote in September Photo: ITV News

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond remains convinced that his country is heading for independence, despite new polling which suggests only 32% will vote in favour of secession.

Speaking to ITV News' Martin Geissler in Aberdeenshire, Mr Salmond said he had not prepared for failure in September's historic vote.

And in a pointed remark, referencing the 'negative' messaging of George Osborne and others in the 'No' camp, the SNP leader said: "We're gonna win the referendum, and we will win it on a positive programme of what's best for Scotland."

To do that, Mr Salmond says he has a vision of a more "progressive" Britain, with Scotland acting as a counter-balance to "bloated Westminster".

He also warns that those representing a 'No' vote as the safe option were misguided, as rule from the south-east was leading to "an increasingly socially divided society".