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Internet spoofs of Ellen's Oscars selfie

Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres will have good reason to be pleased following the success of Sunday night's awards, but Twitter users have been quick to get in on the fun - taking to the site to post spoofs of her record-breaking selfie with some of the ceremony's biggest stars.

This is the original tweet, which broke Barack Obama's previous record for most retweeted on the site.

Inevitably, it wasn't long before a host of imitations popped up. The world's grumpiest cat was among the first.

It may have been some time since Chelsea's Champions League win, but John Terry is still one of the first ports of call in a situation like this.

One user thought fun-loving Toronto Mayor Rob Ford would be feeling left out.

Closer to home, the website Political Scrapbook recalled Alex Salmond's nationalistic celebrations after Andy Murray won at Wimbledon last summer.

And finally, for those who just couldn't get enough of Ellen...

Want to have a go yourself? Anyone who would like to get involved themselves can now do so, too - using this celebrity selfie generator.

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