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Cat-napping kitty recovering after travelling 100 miles

A RSPCA Animal Collections Officer with Diesel. Photo: National Express/PA Wire

A cat who curled up and went for a sleep under a coach is now recuperating after waking up 100 miles away.

The feline fell into a slumber on a warm fuel tank of a 40ft National Express vehicle that was parked in the seaside town Westward Ho! in Devon.

However, the kitty soon woke-up when the driver started the coach for the 8.45am service to Grimsby.

The animal was too terrified to move and ended up clinging onto the vehicle for four hours.

It was only at Bristol Coach Station that afternoon when the cat was discovered by driver Andy Muskett as he unloaded customer's luggage.

The cat travelled from Westwood Ho! to Bristol. Credit: Google Maps

Passengers were transferred onto another vehicle so they could continue their journey to Grimsby, while the driver attempted to coax the cat from the coach.

He called engineer Andy Teagle for help and the pair managed to persuade the tabby out from under the coach.

I heard a strange noise that was definitely not mechanical and realised that as only one thing 'meows' we probably had 'a cat incident'.

It was still a bit of a shock to find a silver tabby cat sitting on the fuel tank. When we got him down he was actually pretty contented.

He must have been looking for somewhere warm to sleep and crawled under the coach when it was parked up overnight, and was probably too frightened to move when it started in the morning.

– Andy Muskett, Coach driver

The cat did not have a collar or microchip so staff named him Diesel and took him back to the depot for some food.

Richard Ball, head of engineering for National Express, said coaxing Diesel down from the tank had taken several minutes.

We've had to deal with some unusual incidents in the past, but extracting a cat from on top of a fuel tank tops it off.

Diesel must have used several of his nine lives, and we are just glad he survived his ordeal.

– Richard Ball, head of engineering for National Express

Diesel is in the care of the RSPCA, who are trying to locate his owners, and they have put out a missing notice to all of the local vets offices.

  • Anyone with information about Diesel is asked to call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.