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David Cameron's Ukraine crisis photo mocked on Twitter

David Cameron has been mocked for his 'serious' twitter picture of his conversation with Barack Obama. Photo: @David_Cameron

A "serious selfie" David Cameron posted of his phone call with US President Barack Obama has attracted widespread derision from Twitter users.

Celebrities including Patrick Stewart and US comedian Rob Delaney joined thousands of Twitter users in mocking the Prime Minister's earnest pose.

The following message was posted on David Cameron's personal account:

It has been retweeted over 7,000 times

But Twitter users rushed to parody his phonecall pose, with Delaney posting a picture of himself looking serious with a tube of toothpaste to his ear, while Stewart followed this up by posing with a tub of wet wipes instead of a telephone.

Other Twitter users mocked up images of Obama's imagined response, as well as Photoshopping pop culture figures into the "conversation".

Even shadow health minister Jamie Reed contributed to the Twitter teasing of the PM, retweeting the picture and adding in a joking exchange with Deputy PM Nick Clegg:

A picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin holding an ostrich to his ear was posted with the caption: “CAMERON, YOU FOOL - THIS ISN’T THE WHITE HOUSE!”