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Silicon Valley single men to mingle with New York women in cross-country dating

The dating service wants to raise $10,000 to start the cross-country meet-up. Photo: Crowdit.

An American matchmaking service has started an online crowd-funding campaign to fly women from New York to San Francisco to pair up lonely Silicon Valley techies with singletons from the Big Apple.

The Dating Ring, a start-up website that specialises in group dating, said it came up with the idea after failing to find enough dateable men for women in New York, or suitable women for the many single men of San Francisco.

Dating Ring CEO Lauren Kay said the idea was something she had been joking about for a while, Tech crunch reports, but her sarcasm was lost on San Franciscan colleagues, who thought it was a great idea.

As the website explains:

There are tons more single women in NYC, and tons more single men in SF. And, see, the two cities are only separated by a bunch of crappy airports, flight delays, and cheap round-trip flights.

So, we started joking about doing some cross country matchmaking. And you know what they say – make a joke 12 times and it becomes a Crowdtilt. So, America, let’s make this happen.

Kay says her site's numbers back up the gender disparity in the respective cities:

  • In New York, there are 1.82 as many female users as male
  • In San Franciso, there are 1.42 as many male users as female

The company is trying to raise at least $10,000, with the aim of raising $50,000. So far, they have raised around $3,000.

Those funding the campaign seem to be excited about the possibility for cross-country dating.

Ship me off to the land of lovely men!

– Laura Cole, contributor

Donations start from $20, but for $350 a a Silicon Valley male three 30-minute “matchmaking and date-coaching Skype sessions”, plus access to two parties where he will meet the women in person.

New York women on the other hand can hand over $1,250 for three 30-minute "matchmaking and date coaching Skype sessions", a flight to San Francisco, accommodation, three dates, a private cocktail party and a "large SF bash in celebration of you."

If the money is raised, the company will fly the women from New York over on the US Memorial Weekend.