Somerset residents begin returning to flooded village

Bryony Sadler standing outside her flooded Somerset home today. Photo: ITV News/Dan Rivers

Moorland in Somerset has been described as a "ghost village" after its inhabitants were forced to evacuate following the recent devastating floods, but now the water has receded and residents are beginning to slowly return to strip out their damaged homes.

A high water mark on house in Moorland today shows the extent of the recent flooding. Credit: ITV News/Dan Rivers

Bryony Sadler, who is a member of FLAG (Flooding on the Levels Action Group), visted her flood-damaged home today with an insurance assessor, to look at exactly what needs doing to repair the flood-hit property.

Sadler, who decorated her home shortly before Christmas, must now begin the process of gutting the entire building and starting again.

She believes the work will take up to nine months to complete and is doubtful her family will be able to return to their home before Christmas.

Evidence of the destructive power of the water in Moorland today. Credit: ITV News/Dan Rivers

Residents of Moorland welcome the £20.5 million package, announced by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson today, to protect the Somerset Levels from flooding, but are concerned that if the measures aren't put in place quickly, they may be facing another round of floods next winter.

There are also concerns that plans for a tidal barrage in the nearby town of Bridgwater will take at least 10 years to build.

A Moorland resident built a giant wall out of clay and soil around his house in a battle to stem rising flood waters Credit: ITV News

And in the meantime, everyone living in the flood-decimated region fears their insurance premiums will "sky rocket" next year.