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'He's got a garden centre' and other revelations from rugby fans after England v Wales

England fans enjoy a rendition of Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Photo: ITV News

England beat Wales 29-18 in the Six Nations at Twickenham today, and the mood outside the stadium after the match was one of jubilation.

On a sunny day in west London and with the beers flowing before, during and after the game, fans did not necessarily stay on topic when talking to our ITV News team.

Among the things we were told:

'We're all British'

"He's got a garden centre, by the way."

'It's one of those days where everyone has a little bit too much to drink'

"Kudos to that lady for joining in."

'We've got something for after nine o'clock'

"It's for the Welsh fans about where their Lions caps should be placed."

Obligatory Swing Low Sweet Chariot rendition

"Please don't show my mum."