Ricky the poodle wins Best-in-Show at Crufts

A poodle named Ricky has landed the world's most prestigious dog show prize after being judged this year's Best-in-Show at Crufts.


Congratulations to Ricky the Standard Poodle and Jason Lynn, our Crufts Best in Show winners 2014! http://t.co/XrSrpQGXcP


The two-year-old standard poodle triumphed over six other best-in-group winners in the final event of the annual competition, which attracted more than 21,000 entrants from Britain and overseas.

Ricky and his handler, Jason Lynn, were given the nod by the best-in-show judge Jack Bispham after being assessed for overall health, condition, coat, character, temperament and movement.

Speaking immediately after the result was declared at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre, Mr Lynn confirmed that Ricky would now be retired from competition in the UK.

The other category winners were:

Winner: Pastoral group

  • Name: Dan the Man
  • Breed: Samoyed

Ready and waiting in the wings, the winner of the Pastoral Group, Dan the Man, a Samoyed #Crufts http://t.co/aUJx26KQ7H


Winner: Hound group

  • Name: James
  • Breed: Irish Wolfhound

He's a gentle giant. James the Irish Wolfhound, winner of the Hound Group #Crufts http://t.co/HYx2iqN8nl


Winner: Working group

  • Name: Brandon
  • Breed: Rottweiler

Winner: Terrier group

  • Name: King
  • Breed: Fox terrier

Winner: Toy group

  • Name: Colin
  • Breed: Pomeranian

I've finally discovered why Colin the Pomeranian is called Colin... His owner has a crush on Colin Farrell #Crufts http://t.co/dtY7ui0lqY


Winner: Utility group

  • Name: Ricky
  • Breed: Standard poodle

You can watch again Ricky's big moment in the video below: