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Israel intercepts 'monstrous cargo' of weapons heading to Gaza from Iran

Video report by ITV News Middle East correspondent Geraint Vincent

Israel says it has has intercepted a "monstrous cargo" of weapons on a cargo ship heading to Gaza from Iran.

The country's army displayed the munitions on a dock and said the surface-to-surface rockets would have been able to hit targets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem from the Gaza Strip.

"The goal was to have these weapons rain down on the heads of Israel's citizens," Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at press conference.

"The ship was organised by Iran, dispatched by Iran, financed by Iran."

But Iran has dismissed the claims as "lies" and Gaza's Islamist Hamas rulers, also hostile to the Jewish state, rejected the suggestion that the weapons were heading to the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu also condemned EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who met with Iranian leaders in Tehran this week.

"(The world) wants to delude themselves that Iran has changed its intention to obtain nuclear weapons," he said.

"All I heard was a handful of soft condemnations of Iran from the international community in response to this murderous cargo."

A senior Israeli source told ITV News that British intelligence knew about the shipment from Iran.

David Cameron is due to make his first visit to Irael as Prime Minister this week and will differ on policy when it comes to dealing with Iran.