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Rescued rottweiler wins Ruffs alternative dog show

Tiny the rottweiler was transformed after being rescued from the streets of Taiwan. Photo: RSPCA

A rescued rottweiler has won Ruffs - the RSPCA's alternative to the Crufts dog show.

Overall Winner

Tiny was found emaciated after being abandoned in Taiwan.

Tiny the rottweiler after he was found abandoned. Credit: RPSCA

But he was taken in by staff at The Sanctuary dog's home and nursed back to full health.

A rejuvenated Tiny. Credit: RSPCA

Happiest Hound

Other winners include Molly the staffie, who was named Happiest Hound.

Molly was found in a recycling bin in Hackney, London, but later made a full recovery. Credit: RSPCA

Scrumpy was a runner up in the Happiest Hound category.

Scrumpy was abandoned last Christmas and needed multiple surgeries. Credit: RSPCA

Perfectly Imperfect

Tango, a three-legged cross-breed, was winner of the Perfectly Imperfect category.

Tango was used as bait and had his ears cut off, teeth filed down and a leg removed after being run over. Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA said it started Ruffs as an alternative to "beauty pageant-style dog shows which judge dogs primarily on looks."

The Kennel Club's Crufts dog show was won on Sunday by a poodle called Ricky.