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Brooks texted Blair about 'terror' over police quiz

Rebekah Brooks. Photo: Press Association.

Former News International chief Rebekah Brooks texted Tony Blair to say she was "feeling properly terrified" the day before a police interview, the phone-hacking trial heard today.

The texts between the pair in the days leading up to her arrest were read by prosecutor Andrew Edis QC. The exchange read out in court started on July 10, when the former Prime Minister was in the Middle East.

Hi its Tony. I've just landed. Is it too late to speak or should we stick with tomorrow?

She responded:

Let's stick with tomorrow. Can't wait xx

They the went on to make arrangements for the call. Mr Blair told Brooks he was in the Middle East and said:

I'm really sorry about it all. Call me if you need to. Tx.

Earlier in the trial, the jury heard how Mr Blair offered in the phone call to be an unofficial adviser telling Brooks, and how he advised on the best course of action to shield the Murdoch's as the phone-hacking scandal emerged.

On July 16, Brooks texted Blair first thing in the morning to say she was "properly terrified" by her police interview. She said:

Feeling properly terrified! The police are behaving so badly.

The former Prime Minister responded:

Everyone panics in these situations.

And later said:

I'm no use on police stuff but call me after that because I may be some help on Commons.

Mr Blair also said:

If you're still going to Parliament you should call me. I have experience of these things! Tx

Brooks responded:

Definitely. Depends on the police interview first. I have Stephen Parkinson here today. I have never met him but people say he is good.

Mr Blair replied:

He's excellent.

On the day of her arrest, Brooks texted Blair:

With Stephen now. We are both saying hello. x

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