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Distraught relatives dragged out of press conference

Chinese relatives of those missing on board flight Malaysian airliner MH370 sparked chaotic scenes before a press conference began today.

Two were forcibly whisked away by police officers after they asked journalists for information.

The protest started as police revealed that some of the pilot's homemade flight simulator data was deleted on February 3. Investigators are still trying to access the deleted information.

One woman spoke to the press after unfurling a banner saying: "I don't how long the families will be waiting or where my son is." She was later removed from the auditorium.

A handful of family members have protested and held up banners inside the conference room which is daily used for press briefings at the Sama Sama hotel.

Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia's transport minister told the briefing afterwards that he “understands what they are going through” and wants to “manage emotions and appease the families”.

“Emotions are high,” he said. “We are trying our very best. It is heart-wrenching, even for me".

A relative of a passenger speaks on his phone. Credit: REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Mr Hishammuddin said Malaysia was sending a team of officials to Beijing to provide briefings and assistance to the families.

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