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Egyptian court sentences 529 to death

Relatives react with dismay to news of the verdict. Photo: ITV News

A court in Egypt has sentenced 529 reported members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death, sparking outrage from relatives and protests on the streets of the capital, Cairo.

It is the largest mass death sentence in modern history and legal experts expect the verdict - which was delivered without the defendants being present in court - to be quashed.

The court took two sittings of just over two hours to reach the verdict, but lawyers for the defendants said the security forces stopped them from entering the court room.

Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mohamed Soudan said opposition to Egypt's military rulers came from all across the country. Credit: ITV News

An exiled spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood told ITV News the Muslim Brotherhood is "not alone in the street" protesting at Egypt's new military ruler, Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.

"They should understand this, it's a problem of the Egyptian people, not the Muslim Brotherhood only," Mohamed Soudan said.