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Dramatic pictures of Washington mudslide

Houses lie destroyed on Highway 530 in Washington state. Photo: Associated Press

A massive mudslide in the US state of Washington has wreaked devastation, burying houses and cars under metres of mud and debris.

The catastrophe took place near the town of Arlington in the north-west corner of the United States and has already claimed 16 lives, with rescuers looking for another eight bodies.

Rescuers' footprints remain in the mud following Saturday's mudslide in rural Washington. Credit: Associated Press
The orange X on the side of this house indicates that it has been searched for people. Credit: Associated Press
A mud-caked shoe left behind after the mudslide. Credit: Associated Press
One of the houses destroyed by the slide, which also damaged local power lines. Credit: Associated Press
Six houses have reportedly been swept away in the mudslide. Credit: Associated Press
A digger helps with clear-up effort. Credit: Press Association

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