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Swedish family catches 15-inch giant rat in kitchen

The creature is thought to be a Viking Rat. Photo: Facebook / Justus Bengtsson-Korsås

A family in Stockholm, Sweden, has finally caught a 15-inch giant rat that had been terrorising the family cat.

The Korsas family snared the monster rodent in a heavy-duty trap to end a reign of terror that had left them more than a little reluctant to enter the kitchen.

Pest controllers said it had likely entered its lair behind a dishwasher by chewing through concrete and wood.

It had even caused a flood by breaking through water pipes connected to kitchen appliances.

After a while the rat had become so "domesticated" that it "just sat under the kitchen table," mother Signe Bengtsson Korsas told The Local.

The beast was first seen eating leftovers under the kitchen sink. Credit: Facebook / Justus Bengtsson-Korsås

Once the rat was eventually caught in one of three traps left around the kitchen, it did not die immediately and Signe's children "were worried it would come back to life as some sort of zombie rat," she told the news site.

The rat was 39.5cm long from nose to base of tail. Credit: Facebook / Justus Bengtsson-Korsås

"It was quite a shocking experience," she concluded.

"No one wanted to go into the kitchen after, and the cat was terrified for a week.

"The pest controllers said they'd never seen such a big rat before."