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Planes spot 'objects of various colours' in MH370 search

Five aircrafts spotted "multiple objects of various colours" in their search for the missing MH370 flight, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said today.

Pictures of the objects were taken and will now be assessed, the statement added.

ITV News China Correspondent Lucy Watson reports:

A picture of an object reportedly spotted by a New Zealand air force plane searching for the missing Malaysia Airways plane was posted on Twitter by Chinese television channel CCTV.

ITV News cannot independently verify the image.

Malaysia's transport minister earlier told a news conference that Flight MH370 "flew at a higher speed than previously thought" and therefore had used more fuel and crashed earlier.

It was announced the search would now focus on an area 700 miles north-east of the previous zone.

A relative of one of the Chinese passengers on board Flight MH370. Credit: AP Photo/Andy Wong

Hishammuddin Hussein said that the new search area in the hunt for Flight MH370 remains in Australia's "area of responsibility".

He also said he does not think Malaysia would have done anything differently in the search for the missing jet.

He said:

History will judge us as a country that is very responsible.

We have corroborated evidence we have received and made sure we have left no stone unturned.

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