Why 'adult entertainment' is not what it says it is

Laws need to be changed in order to protect children from seeing adult material on the internet, online video regulator Atvod says. Photo: PA

A new report shows audiences for the adult entertainment industry are anything but "adult".

It is significant research because it is based on real life monitoring of what children actually looked at.

Techniques and technology broadly similar to those used to measure TV audiences were deployed, with a panel of about 45,000 UK internet users. The research was done by Neilson - a reputable survey firm.

44,000 primary school children accessed an adult website in one month alone – one in 35 of six to 11 year-olds in the UK going online. And 200,000 under-16’s accessed an adult website from a computer.

This is one in 16 children in that age group who went online in the same month. One in five teenage boys under 18 going online were clicking on porn websites from PC’s, and one adult site – which offers free, unrestricted access to thousands of hardcore porn videos – attracted 112,000 of the teenagers.