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Vice-chancellor under fire after partying with students

Nick Petford competing in a dance-off at the awards evening. Photo: Charlie Trotman / Newsteam

A university professor has come under fire after downing drinks, crowd-surfing and even competing in a dance-off with students at an awards bash.

Nick Petford, the vice-chancellor of the University of Northampton, has now been dubbed the 'Wolf of Northampton' - a reference to the hard-partying central character in the recent film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Professor Petford crowd-surfs at the student awards party Credit: Charlie Trotman / Newsteam

His antics were a hit on Twitter with several users employing the #WolfofNorthampton hashtag.

Professor Petford even jokingly claimed that it had been his twin brother partying with the students.

He and several other members of the university staff were pictured necking glasses of wine while being egged on by comedian Lee Nelson, who was entertaining the crowd at the university's sports awards.

Comedian Lee Nelson (right) encouraging university staff to down glasses of wine Credit: Charlie Trotman / Newsteam

But the Northampton branch of the University and College Union, which represents academic staff, did not see the funny side of the staff's behaviour.

The University of Northampton claims to embrace equality and value the diversity of its student body, yet behaviour of this type by Senior Managers undermines the hard work that the majority of staff and students at the University put in to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Some staff and students, especially those with particular religious or cultural beliefs or with direct experiences as victims, will be deeply offended by behaviour which promotes a laddish culture at the expense of Northampton’s reputation