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Twitter's social innovation leader tweets experience of going into labour

Twitter's social innovation leader Claire Diaz-Ortiz Credit: YouTube/ Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly

Twitter's social innovation leader found a new use for the social media network, as she tweeted her experience of going into labour.

Claire Diaz-Ortiz, who has been called everything including 'The Woman who got the Pope on Twitter' and usually posts communications-related tweets, began her journey googling "Did my water just break?"

In pure Twitter-style, the hashtag #inlabor soon began trending, in which Diaz-Ortiz reported how far apart her contractions were:

However, there were bumps in the road, as her car began to overheat:

Despite getting the thumbs up from the mechanic, her car broke down, forcing Diaz-Ortiz to have to wait for a taxi.

Six hours later, the Twitter innovator reported she had finally made it to a hospital.