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Prince George wakes up Down Under to the first Royal engagement of his public life

Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George. Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Prince George has woken up down under ready for an important day for him - his first official engagement at the start of his public life - meeting New Zealand babies his own age.

While there is a lot of attention on the prince, New Zealanders are unlikely to recognise him as King, when the time comes.

The response to the Cambridges has been suitably enthusiastic, but as he extended an official welcome, New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key, not himself a republican, admitted the visit could only delay what has become an inevitable break with the crown.

Whatever the popularity of Prince George and his parents, it is widely believed that the Queen will be New Zealand's last monarch.The public mood is not easy to gauge.

Opinion polls vary enormously. But the latest show that 42% of New Zealanders now favour a republic. That is more even than in neighbouring Australia.

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