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Britain's Got Talent: The acts who made it through

The judges were back behind their buzzers tonight for the opening episode of the eighth series of Britain's Got Talent, where acts ranged from 20-something line-dancers to a man speed-eating a raw onion.

There was also a German violinist who bore an uncanny resemblance to Michael Douglas.

This series sees the introduction of the Golden Buzzer - a new addition that allows each judge to send an act straight through to the live shows with the press of a button.

One of the more unusual acts in the opener to the series came courtesy of Bird-handler Andrew Charlton, who promised judges he was he was the a master of “owl agility.”

Bird-handler Andrew Charlton with owl Rocky. Credit: ITV/PA

While he may have looked the part, his owl Rocky refused to obey his handler's commands, leading judge Amanda Holden to tell Mr Charlton: “You’re like an old, un-magical Harry Potter.”

The BGT judges get in the line-dancing mood. Credit: Britain's Got Talent

The acts that got through:

  • CountryVive - four yeses: An 18-strong group of 16-25 years old line dancers from all over the UK.
Countryvive impressed the judges Credit: Britain's Got Talent
  • Light Balance - four yeses: A Ukrainian dance group made up of 18-30-year-old computer programmers and dancers who performed in pitch black on the stage with a unique dance and light show.
Switched on: Illuminating dance troupe Light Balance Credit: Britain's Got Talent
  • Lucy Kay - four yeses: The 24-year-old Soprano singer wowed the judges with her Vissi d'arte. A student in Glasgow, the singer is originally from Nottingham.
Lucy Kay performing her Vissi d'arte. Credit: Britain's Got Talent
  • Lauren and Terrell - four yeses: The young street dancing duo performed an energetic routine that impressed the judges.
Young street dancing duo Lauren and Terrell impressed judges Credit: Britain's Got Talent
  • Paddy and Nico - : Paddy, 79, is a retired dental nurse and Nico,39, is a dance teacher from Spain - after a slow start that saw Simon Cowell hitting his buzzer, the pair launched into an astonishing, action-packed dance routine that amazed the judges.
Paddy and Nico during their auditions. Credit: Britain's Got Talent
  • Collabro - four yeses: Five-piece boy band Collabro have only been together for a month prior to auditioning, but impressed the judges with their unexpected performance of a musical theatre song.
Collabro impressed the judges with their unexpected performance of a musical theatre song. Credit: ITV/PA

Some of the acts who didn't make it through:

Mzz Kimberley, 39, gets four nos for her performance of Born This Way in a Wonder Woman costume on roller-skates. Credit: ITV/PA
Andrew attempts to get Rocky to perform a number of agility tricks on stage including flying through a hoop and walking through a tunnel. Credit: ITV/PA
Sean Wozencroft, 39, from Gloucester, attempts to beat the world record for eating a raw onion. A Credit: ITV/PA
German composer and violinist Peter Panduranga, 58, performs his own composition – a love song to his wife of 29 years. Credit: ITV/PA

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