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Can you find Banksy's latest work?

The mural has been dubbed 'Mobile Lovers' on some street art blogs Photo:

A new piece by Banksy has been unveiled on the street artist's website missing one important detail: its location.

The mural, which would be Banksy's first official work since his New York 'residency' last year, depicts a couple embracing while looking over each other's shoulders at their phones.

However, a photo of the work that appeared online today includes no further details, presumably leaving fans to find it themselves.

The location of the artwork has not been revealed. Credit:

The cobbled street, yellow road markings and black lamppost indicate that the piece could be somewhere in the UK.

The photo was posted hours after a suspected Banksy work, which portrays spies eavesdropping on a telephone box, appeared near the GCHQ intelligence agency building in Gloucestershire.

This has prompted some to speculate that the two pieces may be connected.