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Grandmother defies odds by finding 12 double yolk eggs

A grandmother found 12 double yolks in one box of eggs. Photo: SWNS

A grandmother has defied the odds by cracking a box of 12 eggs and discovering that all of them had double yolks.

Carolyn Bannister, 65, was astonished to find that every egg in a dozen free-range box had two yolks.

What are the odds of 12 twin yolks in one box?

  • The odds of any chicken egg having two yolks are one in a 1000
  • The likelihood of having 12 double yolks in one box is therefore one in a quintillion - which is one followed by 18 zeroes
  • It is also the equivalent of winning the lottery three times

Carolyn, who is a retired Ofsted inspector, bought the large eggs from her local Morrisons in Aldershot, Hampshire.

I cracked three eggs to make a frittata.

I was a little bit surprised they all had double yolks, but I didn't think much of it.

The next day I cracked two more to make a vegetable bake - and once again I didn't think it was anything more than just unusual.

It was only when I boiled four for a salad that I realised how special my eggs were.

– Carolyn Bannister

The grandmother-of-five then got her husband Ken to film the cracking of the last three eggs, which all contained two yolks.

It's pretty good timing, what with it being Easter and all.

Maybe we ought to do the lottery. Saying that, my husband and I would much rather have won the lotto three times than enjoyed twelve double-yolk eggs.

– Carolyn Bannister

Egg regulators The British Egg Information Service said double yolks tend to come from young hens whose hormone system has not fully developed.

It is quite rare for an egg to be double yolked.

Although we can't be specific, the instance of double yolkers is thought to be less than 0.1 per cent.

– The British Egg Information Service spokesman