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Sheffield Wednesday fans sing to inspire life-long fan

Wednesday fans sang the name Johnny Eales on Monday following an appeal from his sin Chris. Photo: Twitter/Chris Eales

Sheffield Wednesday fans joined in a chorus of "There's Only One Johnny Eales" on Monday in a bid to inspire a life-long fan with deteriorating health.

Following an online plea by son Chris, the crowd at Hillsborough took to its feet in the 12th minute of the game against Charlton to sing for Johnny, who has held a season ticket at the club for more than 40 years - despite living in Coventry.

In a post on Facebook, son Chris explained that due to ill health, his dad is now unable to work and has almost "zero mobility".

He added: “His heart condition requires him to completely rest, but resting is only compounding his other health problems.

“He has multiple conditions, and one condition makes him too ill to survive the surgery that could help another condition. He has lost all hope of recovery. From talking to the doctors just last week, we do not expect my dad to be here for next season."

In his online appeal, Chris explained that hearing his name ring out from the terraces would give his Dad, "the inspiration to fight on".

The campaign soon went viral on social media, especially on Twitter, using the hashtag #onejohnnyeales, and right on cue - in the 12th minute of Monday's game - Wednesday fans responded with a chorus of singing and chanting - which was a surprise for Johnny Eales:

Son Chris took to Twitter following the match to thank fans and tell them his dad John was "overwhelmed" by the response.