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Terrifying Guatemala robbery caught on camera

This is the terrifying moment a man dressed in black jumped out of the bushes and pointed a gun at tourists in Guatemala.

The couple, who were travelling on a motorbike, slowed down at the sight of the gun and were then ambushed by a second man, armed with a machete, to their right.

A man armed with a gun jumps out of bushes and moves towards the couple. Credit: YouTube/Dan Lands

Items were stolen from the couple before they were able to ride away unharmed.

Canadian Dan Lands posted the footage from his British girlfriend's head-cam on YouTube "to serve as a warning to other travellers".

A second man, armed with a machete, approaches the couple from their right. Credit: YouTube/Dan Lands

The pair were travelling back to San Pedro La Laguna from Antigua when the robbery happened on April 10.

Watch Mr Lands' footage here:

Writing on YouTube, Mr Lands said: "We have uploaded this video clip to serve as a warning to other travellers about taking this road. Robberies happen in Guatemala and this particular spot is apparently notorious.

A balaclava-clad man, armed with a gun, demands cash. Credit: YouTube/Dan Lands

"However, we don't want to in any way put people off from visiting San Pedro La Laguna or Guatemala in general as it's a beautiful place with generally warm and kind inhabitants. We have felt safe for the majority of our trip."

Footage of the robbery was captured by a head-cam worn by the passenger. Credit: YouTube/Dan Lands

"The sound is cut part way through at the request of my girlfriend who was understandably distressed," he added.