CCTV captures incredible escape of man hit by truck

The moment an 85-year-old man was mown down by a cement truck while crossing the road in Xi'an in northwest China has been captured on CCTV.

It is thought he passed so close to the truck the driver didn't see him. Police say the driver may not be charged with hit and run. Amazingly, after disappearing under the truck, the injured man managed to sit up and appeared to call for help.

He was rushed to hospital after several passers-by carried him off the road.

This video shows the moment the pedestrian was hit and how members of the public came to his aid afterwards.

Warning: Some viewers may find this footage upsetting

The man seconds before he passes in front of the lorry
Credit: NBC

The man passed one vehicle without incident, and is shown just seconds away from passing in front of the lorry.

The man just before he disappears under the truck
Credit: NBC

Moments later, he was directly in front of the truck. The driver does not appear to have noticed him.

The truck after it has struck the pedestrian
Credit: NBC

And then he disappeared from sight.

A student comes to help the man who has been hit by a lorry
Credit: NBC

A high school student saw the accident and rushed to help. Several other passers-by also helped lift the injured man off the tarmac.

Two other students ran to a nearby hospital and fetched a stretcher to transport him. Local reports suggest his legs were seriously injured and had to be amputated.