Scandal shows Tories are moving against Ukip

Andre Lampitt in the party's recent campaign broadcast Photo: UKIP party political broadcast

It is notable and interesting that these allegations were found and quietly put out there by the Tories today. They are clearly now playing hardball with Ukip - it's no great surprise, the potential Ukip vote looks scarily big at the moment.

The Conservatives are quite confident that some of those lost Tory voters will come back, come the general election, but there's a group they're not too sure about, who do seem very angry over issues such as Europe or gay marriage.

Nigel Farage at the launch of Ukip's election campaign earlier this week Credit: PA Images

But what the Tories have noticed from their research is that those people don't want to be associated with racists or extremists, so if Ukip gets that kind of tinge, they'll run away from it. The Tories are clearly working very hard to do the research and to try and pin that label on Ukip.

That said, they didn't have to look very hard in this case, these are appalling comments, outrageous, and there's no question that they do damage Ukip.

Mr Farage can't afford too many incidents like this, this one will damage him, too many more and I think they'll really be in trouble.