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Woman 'put off tea for a very long time' after finding larvae in teabags

By Cheryl Smith: ITV News

A woman said she "screamed like a little girl" when she found grubs in a teabag as she was making a cup of tea.

Artist Gemma Nelson said tea is her 'life blood' when she works in the studio. Credit: Gemma Nelson

Artist Gemma Nelson, from Plumstead, southeast London, said she had put the Strawberry and Cream teabag into a mug and was about to pour the water when she made the discovery.

The Strawberry and Cream teabags pack had a best before date of November 2015. Credit: Gemma Nelson

Miss Nelson told ITV News: "Tea is my lifeblood when I'm working in the studio. This whole incident has put me off tea for a very, very long time".

Gemma Nelson said there were larvae in the teabags and she got the 'shock of her life' Credit: Gemma Nelson

Charbrew, which makes the teabags, investigated Miss Nelson's claim and said it did not believe the contamination came from its manufacturing process and likely happened in the store where they were bought or after they were opened in her home.

Artist Gemma Nelson said she screamed when she made the discovery. Credit: Gemma Nelson

The firm said in a statement:

All of our teas are produced in an ISO 22,000 (food safety certified) factory with an in-house CO2 chamber to completely sterilize all herbal products, so that they do not become a growth medium of micro-organisms or insects before processing.

All teas also undergo moisture testing so that the product have the sustained shelf life that they do.

– Charbrew statement