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Britain's biggest family due to welcome baby number 17

The Radford clan. Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV

Britain's biggest family will welcome its newest arrival this November when baby number 17 is born, according to the Radford family.

Mum Sue said she was "really excited" about the new arrival, particularly after she suffered a miscarriage and lost what would have been baby number 17 last year.

However, it is not easy keeping everyone fed and happy in a house full of children, as Good Morning Britain found out.

Dad Noel and Sue first met when she was just seven-years-old; her family lived in the next cul-de-sac to his.

But it was some years later, around the time when he started hanging out with her older brother, that they got to know each other better and eventually starting going out.

Despite initially only planning for three children, Sue and Noel found they enjoyed parenting so much, they just kept going.

We did originally think we would have three and that would be it, but then we just loved having children around us all the time, so we have just carried on really.

And here we are!

– Noel Radford

The Radfords only claim child benefit, run their own bakery and website full of tips for other big families trying to cope with the day-to-day of caring for their brood.