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Four-year-old boy shoots 19-month-old brother dead

Police in the Wichita neighbourhood were the shooting took place. Photo:

A 19-month-old boy has been shot dead by his four-year-old brother in the US city of Wichita, Kansas, in what police have called a "tragic" accident.

The incident was reported to have taken place in a house in a home where the two boys and a three-year-old girl were playing in a bedroom.

Wichita Police told local news organisations that the four-year-old then opened a nightstand containing a loaded handgun, and pulled the trigger without picking up the weapon.

The incident took place in Wichita, Kansas. Credit: Google Maps

The youngest child was thought to have been shot in the chest, dying from his injuries.

Officers described the incident as a tragic accident. However, it is possible that the children's 33-year-old father - who is believed to have been in the living room at the time - could face charges.

Lt. Todd Ojile said: "It appears that the four-year-old did know where this firearm was and had seen the firearm before.

"Why it was still there I do not know," he added.