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One in three drivers 'ignorant of basic road signs'

The survey found many drivers were unaware of basic road signs. Photo: Associated Press

A survey of the UK's drivers has revealed a startling level of ignorance about basic road signs, as well as a worrying amount of speeding.

The study by insurers More Th>n found that 34% of drivers could not identify the circle with a black line across it indicating 'national speed limit'.

And 1 in 7 drivers apparently thought that a 'slippery road' sign meant 'paint on the road'.

One in three drivers did not know what this sign indicated. Credit:

Data from the DVLA also reveals that in the last year some 1.2 million drivers have received penalty points, the vast majority of them for speeding (818,000).

What's more, More Th>n's research shows one in five drivers has been hit with penalty points in the last decade for speeding, with 13% managing to accumulate nine points or more.

On top of the £100 fine for speeding, the company says drivers' insurance premiums are liable to go up 13% if they are caught.

More than 2,000 drivers a day get penalty points for speeding. Credit: Stephen Rafferty/Eye Ubiquitous/Press Association Images

Sensible drivers may also be concerned by some of the other responses to the poll, which looked at data from 2,000 drivers and 29 police forces.

  • In a 30mph zone One in every three drivers (36%) admit they always drive over the speed limit
  • In a 40mph zone 32% of drivers admit they always drive over the speed limit
  • In a 70mph zone 43% of drivers admit they always drive over the limit, averaging 81mph