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'One in seven' admit lying to their partner about their spending habits

Are you hiding your spending from you partner? You may not be alone. Photo: PA

Some British couples are admitting to financially "cheating" on their partners by not being honest about the amount of money they have spent, according to a survey.

Some 14% of people in a committed relationship admitted to spending money in secret when quizzed by

More Brits would rather reveal their age or number of people they have slept with than admit the full extent of their spending habits, the survey showed.

The survey also found:

  • Spending money and lying about it (61%) is one of the most off-putting traits in a partner or potential partner according to Brits.
  • Women are more likely than men to lie about the amount of money they spend (16% v 11%).
  • People have an average of £712 on their credit card that they keep secret.

The findings also showed 5% of Brits deliberately hide their credit card bills from their significant other.

Another 8% even admitted to hiding items they had bought in order to avoid an argument with their spouse.

On average, Brits have £712 on a credit card that they keep secret and no one else knows about.

Some 5% of people hide their credit card bills from their partner, the survey found. Credit: PA

However, the reasons for hiding the financial truth from a partner varied:

  • Some 30% wanted to avoid an argument.
  • Another 17% kept their spending secret as they were ashamed.
  • And 15% admitted to feeling guilty about it.