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Rubbish 'decades old' found on Britain's beaches

A vintage double decker wrapper was found at the Perran Sands Beach in Cornwall Photo: SWNS

Rubbish dating back decades, including 50-year-old packets of crisps, have been found during a clean-up of Britain's litter-ridden beaches.

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) campaigners and volunteers picked up 25 tonnes of marine rubbish across the country's coastline last month.

Rubbish that has been swirling around in the sea for decades was found on Britain's beaches in a Surfers Against Sewage clean-up. Credit: SWNS

A packet of Revels dating back to 1983 and Lego pieces that were washed off a container ship in 1997 were found.

Empty bags of Golden Wonder ready salted and salt & vinegar crisps, that had been in the ocean for nearly five decades, had barely faded and the 1967 and 1968 sell-by dates are still visible.

A tesco yoghurt pot from the late 1970s was found on Perran Sands beach, Cornwall. Credit: SWNS

SAS members said more than 2,030 items of marine litter were found for every kilometre of Cornwall's coastline.

The worst hit beach in the UK was Perranporth in Cornwall, where 3.5 tonnes of rubbish were collected- making a new record.

Cornwall beaches were worst-hit by marine litter. Credit: PA

"The fact they are in near-pristine condition all these years later illustrates how litter can float around for decades without degrading," SAS members said.

Andy Summins of SAS said: "It raises awareness of the problem of human litter in the seas."