Ukraine crisis an increasingly violent stalemate

A woman mourns 21-year-old nurse Yulia Izotova at her funeral in Kramatorsk Photo: Reuters

A leading military commentator here in Ukraine said today he understands that while it has been possible for the Ukrainians to shut off the border with Russia to vehicle traffic, they cannot stop the infiltration of foot traffic and new weapons and fighters getting to the rebels they are fighting.

This is the problem they are facing: If anything their enemy is getting stronger, it has weapons that can neutralise their air power, it is trying to operate on a battlefield full of civilians, their own country men and women, who they obviously don't want to be hurting.

For these reasons, and more, many people here in Ukraine are beginning to wonder if, even without a Russian invasion, they are going to regain control of their country either in the short, or the medium term.

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