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'Affluenza' teen's parents to pay drink-drive victim $2m compensation

Defence lawyers said Ethan Couch was irresponsible because his wealthy parents shielded him from problems. Photo: AP

The parents of a Texas teenager who killed four people and injured 12 others while drink-driving have agreed to pay $2 million (£1.18 million) to a paralysed victim from the crash.

Ethan Couch's story prompted outrage when his defence lawyers claimed he suffered from what some called "affluenza" - a sense of irresponsibility fostered by his wealthy parents shielding him from problems.

Court documents seen today by the Associated Press news agency showed the 14-year-old's parents had offered the compensation to the family of Sergio E. Molina, who was in the back of their son's car when it flipped over.

Molina remains in hospital and can only smile and blink after being thrown out of the vehicle during the crash near Fort Worth last June.

Four people were killed and 12 injured in the June crash. Credit: NBC News

His older brother said the family are "not happy" about the settlement but would "take what we got and strive for better days".

Couch avoided prison for causing the crash and was sentenced to 10-years probation and ordered to a rehab clinic.

Five other families of people injured or killed have also settled with the Couches, though details of the amounts paid have not been made public. The family of one other victim - 13-year-old Lucas McConnell - are pressing for a jury trial.

The Couch family's lawyers declined to comment to the Associated Press.