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'Almost 3/4 of parents' worry about their child's technology use

Children could be putting their development at risk by spending hours playing on an iPad. Photo: PA

Some 70% of parents have expressed concern over the amount of time their children spend on technical devices like an iPad or smartphone, an exclusive Good Morning Britain poll found.

The survey exposed some worrying trends among parents - almost half (47.4%) of those surveyed say modern technology had a negative effect on their child's behaviour.

Almost 7 out of 10 (68%) told researchers at OnePoll they think children use too much technology today.

Over two fifths (44%) worry about the development of their children's social skills because they're spending too long on technical devices.

The news comes as Amazon launches the iPotty - a training toilet for toddlers which comes complete with iPad holder.

Education expert Dr Cris Rowan spoke to Good Morning Britain about her concerns over the delays technology can cause to a child's development.

This last decade I have seen a significant decline in child development, child behaviour and their ability to pay attention and learn.

– Dr Cris Rowan