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Hamster's great escape ends up in neighbour's bath

Izzy the hamster gave her neighbour a fright when she popped up the plughole and into the bathtub. Photo: SWNS

One neighbour got the "fright of her life" when she discovered a rodent roaming around her bathtub just as she was preparing for a relaxing soak.

Izzy the hamster escaped from its cage on the ground floor in East Lothian, Scottland, and somehow manged to clamber up several dozen pipes to reach the next floor and emerge from Gill Bellshaw's bathroom plughole.

A friend rescued the scared pet and an appeal to find its rightful owner was posted on Facebook. Credit: SWNS

Gill, 56, described the experience "like something out of a comedy".

"I went into my bathroom, was just about to turn on my tap and there was a hamster in the bath. I took one look at it, screamed and ran off. I was shouting ‘there’s a hamster in the bath',” she added.

The pet was renamed Bubbles in honour of the escapade. Credit: SWNS

The mother of hamster owner, Skye Collier, 14, said her daughter was "delighted to be reunited with the little rogue".

Skye, who lives with her mother in a downstairs flat, described her pet as "a wee bit feisty and energetic".

"I feel sorry for Gill because she panicked,” she said.