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'Nag gag' removed from sale by River Island after Twitter outrage

Actor and comic Jenny Bede tweeted this photograph of the product after seeing it for sale in store. Photo: Twitter/ @jenharrisbede

A novelty item to "gag" nagging women has been removed from sale by high-street chain River Island after the item prompted outrage on Twitter.

The "Domestic Anti Nag Gag", a miniature football on a string, was packaged with a picture of it gagging a woman's open mouth. A male figure with his fingers in his ears was pictured with the caption: "Will you put a sock in it!!!"

Twitter users labelled the product sexist and offensive after actor and comic Jenny Bede shared a photo of the item after spotting it at the weekend.

She tweeted: "Found this in River Island today. Stunned."

She tweeted it to the Everyday Sexism project, which has some 142,000 followers, where it was retweeted more than 200 times.

Bede later tweeted: "Please keep tweeting River Island about this absolute atrocity they're selling."

Her tweets prompted other Twitter users to send their comments about the product to the clothing store online:

The joke gag was on sale for £4 and had been shown surrounded by speech bubbles of phrases including "Have you put the bins out?", "Get your clothes off the floor" and "Turn the footy off!".

River Island later responded by removing the product from sale: