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Waiting for the May heatwave? There are no guarantees

People soaking up the sun on Scarborough beach. Photo: PA

Heard about the heatwave ... in the papers?

My day began with a bombardment of questions about a possible heatwave that 'could' be on the way according to the papers. At this stage there is no clear guidance looking at all the weather data that this will definitely happen.

However, there are early signals of a small probability that mainland Europe might see a warmer spell of weather by the end of May, but there's no guarantee that this warmer air will travel as far as the British Isles.

Southend on Sea in Essex. Credit: PA

After reading the articles in the paper I couldn't help notice how many times 'could' popped up, reinforcing the point that long range forecasts come with lower probabilities.

At the moment the weather looks set to stay rather changeable whilst we're under the influence of low pressure currently anchored to the north-west of the UK.

Temperatures are also expected to hover around average for much of May, but feel cool in the breeze.

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