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Not for the faint-hearted: Chicago skyscraper's tilting observation platform

TILT has been unveiled as Chicago's latest attraction. Photo: NBC News

The newest attraction in Chicago, US, is probably not one for the faint-hearted.

An observation platform has been built in the John Hancock Centre - some 1030 feet off the ground - that can tilt out at a 30 degree angle.

The attraction, which is appropriately called TILT, can hold up to eight people and is placed on the 94th floor of the skyscraper.

The observation platform is on the 94th floor of the skyscraper. Credit: NBC News

On a clear day in Chicago, the observation platform can offer people views of up to 50 miles of the 'windy city'.

The unique attraction was built using three hydraulic lifts and three laminated layers of structurally tempered glass.

The view when looking down. Credit: NBC News

Engineer John Peronto, who created the platform, told NBC News that despite the dizzyingly high views TILT offers he was not "a fan of heights".