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BBC presenter attacks 'political correctness' after being forced to resign for playing song with N-word lyric

David Lowe offered to apologise for the slip-up but was asked to resign. Credit:

A veteran radio presenter has been forced to resign from the BBC after accidentally playing a song containing the N-word.

David Lowe, 67, played an 82-year-old version of The Sun Has Got Its Hat On, unaware the racist term was used.

"You’ve got to listen very carefully indeed to actually hear it but, yes, it is there on the recording," he explained on his blog.

Mr Lowe said he had offered to apologise to listeners but BBC bosses asked him to resign.

I agree you have acted properly throughout and we are grateful for both your apology and your appreciation of the seriousness of the situation.

But regrettably, I think we will have to accept your offer to fall on your sword to resolve this situation.

– Email to David Lowe from BBC

The BBC also asked him if they could say on air that he had left the station "to pursue other interests", an offer he declined.

On Saturday, the BBC released a statement to the media saying they "could have handled the situation better" and had offered him his job back.

But David later said he had "respectfully declined" the offer as a result of a worsening of his nervous system illness caused by the row.

David Lowe suffers from dystonic tremors, a nervous system condition. Credit:

'Damaging political correctness'

His blog post attacked "political correctness" in modern Britain.

"Given today’s unforgiving obsession with political correctness, I have been compelled to pay the ultimate price," he wrote.

"This regrettable episode provides proof of the damaging effect political correctness in all its pernicious forms is having on British society today."