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'Drunk' man rescued from top of Sydney Opera House

The man was fitted with a harness before being brought down from the sails. Photo: APTN

A man had to be rescued by police after climbing to the top of one of the sails of the Sydney Opera House.

The man, who appeared to be drunk, was reportedly astride the famous landmark for more than an hour as officers tried to convince him to come down.

The man was reportedly astride the building for more than an hour. Credit: APTN

Eventually he was brought back down to the ground with the aid of a harness and ropes.

Doubt remains as to the motives of the climber, with some local media outlets claiming the ascent was a protest.

Eventually officers convinced him to come down. Credit: APTN

The Sydney Daily Telegraph, however, said police believed he simply wanted to scale the famous building.

Police have not made a statement on the incident.