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Lost album reveals a young Alfred Hitchcock in a dress

A 90-year-old photograph album has been unearthed in a Sussex auction house, of Hollywood film director Alfred Hitchcock at a young age playing with friends.

The rare photographs of the famous director show him playing tennis in a dress and also relaxing with friends on the beach.

ITV News correspondent Damon Green reports:

Book dealer Christian White who found the book at auction said:

Apparently Hitchcock did occasionally turn up at parties in dresses, so it's not quite unheard of.

But there's this already obese man, preening himself on the tennis court.

It's pretty weird.

– Christian White
The album which was bought for a few hundred pounds at auction, is now going for £15,000 Credit: ITV News

The early years are slightly sketchy, especially when he was starting out, trying to become a film director.

– Nathalie Morris - Curator BFI Archive

After a career spanning more than half a century, Alfred Hitchcock created a recognisable directorial movie style.

He pioneered the use of a camera made to move in a way that mimics a person's gaze, such as The Birds or Rear Window, forcing viewers to engage in a form of voyeurism.

A photograph of Alfred Hitchcock with hair, sitting next to a friend. Credit: ITV News

The photographs give a unique glimpse into the early years of one of the most celebrated and iconic directors of modern cinema.

Book dealer Christian White who is selling the album. Credit: ITV News

The top ten Alfred Hitchcock movies according to Listverse:

  • Rear Window 1954
  • Psycho 1960
  • North by Northwest 1959
  • Vertigo 1958
  • Rebecca 1940
  • Strangers on a Train 1951
  • Notorious 1946
  • Shadow of a Doubt 1943
  • Dial M for Murder 1954
  • The Birds 1963