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Steve McCurry's Afghanistan: Photographs go on display in London

A stunning exhibition of photographs of Afghanistan taken by renowned photojournalist Steve McCurry opens in London this week.

Children work in an opium field in Badakhshan, which is Afghanistan's largest producer of opium, Badakhshan, northern Afghanistan, 1992. Credit: Steve McCurry

McCurry's iconic 'Afghan Girl' photo is regarded by many as a modern day Mona Lisa and after 30 years of capturing both the beauty and horror of Afghanistan, the multi-award-winning snapper has curated his best images and attempted to explain his fascination with the war-torn nation.

ITV News reporter Martha Fairlie spoke with him earlier:

A farmer walks through fields, 2006 Credit: Steve McCurry

In one image a lone horse canters past the camera, in front of two pillars of rock at the Band-i-Amir lakes. The whole composition is serene, an almost dream-like vision of the beauty of the Afghanistan highlands.

Landscape with Horse, Band-i-Amir, Afghanistan, 2002. Credit: Steve McCurry

In others, like the images below, McCurry captures men who might not see another birthday preparing for war or Kuchi nomads silhouetted against the setting sun during their evening prayer.

8 Year old men leap over fire ditches from a small unit tactics group, 1984. Credit: Steve McCurry
Kuchi nomads at prayer, near Kandahar, Afghanistan, 1992. Credit: Steve McCurry

Other arresting photographs on display include this image of Mujahadeen stood atop a hill in the Hindu Kush mountains and a selection of intimate portraits of children and their parents.

Mujahadeen stand atop a mountain, 1984. Credit: Steve McCurry
Father and daughter at home, Kamdesh, Afghanistan, 1992 Credit: Steve McCurry

The exhibition, consisting of 40 pictures and spanning 30 years, runs from 12 May to 7 June at Beetles+Huxley, Swallow Street, London W1B 4DE.