Britain set to be warmer than Ibiza, Madrid and Rome this weekend

Parts of the UK are set to be warmer than Madrid, Ibiza, Rome and Corfu. Credit: ITV/Lucy Verasamy

By Lucy Verasamy: ITV Weather Presenter

It will be a marked improvement on last weekend for many.

For most of us it will feel summery - like the last few days. For some it'll be warmer than some holiday spots in Europe and the Mediterranean, including Ibiza, Madrid and Rome.

Don't expect wall to wall blue skies as cloud cover will come and go - but in the sunshine it'll warm up, with highs peaking at 23C or 24C - making it the warmest weekend of the year so far.

People sun themselves in deckchairs at Regent's Square in London. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

But not everywhere will feel the benefits of the warmer weather.

Coasts and beaches will feel a tad cooler in the breeze - while northwest Scotland and Northern Ireland will be prone to grey skies and outbreaks of rain.