E.ON boss refuses to comment on whether 'heads will roll' over mis-selling

Tony Cocker, CEO of E.ON speaks to ITV News Consumer Editor Chris Choi. Photo: ITV News

Once again, today I have asked a top energy executive some tricky questions. How could E.ON have failed to spot this epic scale mis-selling for so long? It's not good enough to blame the sales staff - there was also a lack of supervision and a catalogue of management failings.

I asked the E.ON boss if heads would roll at the top but he refused to comment "on individuals". He is making a good job of apologising whenever anyone with a microphone approaches - but frankly I've heard it all before.

E.ON are repeat offenders - already they have been fined for overcharging and for mis-reporting on energy saving. It is time to question whether a £12 million fine is punishment enough when we are talking about a company with an £8 billion turnover.

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